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About Us

People remember not how
a job starts, but how it finishes. ™

You’ve heard the saying, “The family that plays together, stays together.” It makes sense, right? We feel this should also apply to the closely related real estate, insurance, and construction industries, which seldom talk to each other. They should be sharing data on properties, finances, timelines, and opportunities. Their eye should be on the big picture, “playing together” in their clients’ best interests.


That’s why Finishes Solutions brings together a unique combination of resources under one roof.


Our team of experts have a winning track record of excellence in real estate development, construction, remodeling, management, sales, insurance, and finances.

Our Values

For more than two decades, our motto at Finishes has been:

It’s not how a job starts; it’s how it finishes that people remember. ™

This has been true for us ever since. If we treat people right, work hard for them, deliver a quality service or product, and follow a path of continual improvement, they will reward us with their business and trust.

Put us to work for you.

Chuck Cates

CEO / Finishes Solutions
& All Fiber Optics

While it’s not unusual for young adults to have strong core values, it is impressive when they put those values to work to form a strong company in a leadership position in any industry. Such is the story of Chuck Cates.

In 2001, and only 24, Chuck took his experience, knowledge, work ethics, and ingenuity and started a contracting company that specializes in wall finishes. Naming the company “Finishes” was a stroke of genius. Not only did it describe what he did, it set forth his guiding philosophy:

“It’s not how it starts; it’s how it finishes.”

— Chuck Cates

Chuck had hit on a powerful insight. Clients can be sold on promises and plans, but it isn’t until they are delivered an excellent finished product that they’ll be truly satisfied. To Chuck, this has made all the difference.

Since then, Chuck has leveraged his construction and real estate relationships to expand far beyond specialty wall finishes into real estate development, construction, brokerage, financing, and insurance. From the beginning, he understood how these businesses are interconnected, and how he could strengthen those connections to better serve his clients.

Chuck also recognized that to deliver excellence, he had to hire excellence. He has devoted extensive resources to recruit some of the most qualified industry specialists, artisans, technicians, and planners. This has not only resulted in building a successful company, but it has also resulted in building a sterling reputation.

Delivering excellence has another positive side effect — it builds solid, long-term relationships — another key value Chuck has upheld while building his fruitful enterprise. Every satisfied client is a return customer or an eager voice spreading the word about the higher standards at Finishes. There’s no better advertising.

These core values of building excellence and solid relationships have propelled Chuck to expand beyond commercial enterprises into the military and government sectors as well.


Under Chuck’s leadership, Finishes Etc has completed hundreds of successful projects in every sector and every state, each with its own distinct set of specifications. It’s a spectacular track record, grossing several million dollars a year. More than 200 hospitality projects; over 100 military assignments; hundreds of retail buildouts, corporate buildings and office parks; myriad high-end residential neighborhoods; bustling, inviting public spaces; and a variety of local or federal government buildings.

Applying the same values of consistent product excellence and customer trust, Chuck successfully launched All Fiber Optics in 2017, brilliantly anticipating the surge in broadband needs for businesses and homes.


There’s no question Chuck’s remarkable ability to build strong, trusting relationships with customers, manufacturers, and industry professionals has taken him far and wide.


The only question left is, where will he go next?

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