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You're probably familiar with the saying,


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It's a notion that holds true, isn't it? We strongly believe that this concept should extend to the closely interconnected realms of real estate, insurance, and construction, which often lack communication and collaboration. These industries should actively share data pertaining to properties, finances, timelines, and opportunities. Their collective focus should be on the bigger picture, working harmoniously in the best interests of their clients.

This is precisely why Finishes Solutions brings together a unique and comprehensive array of resources under one roof. Our team of experts boasts an impressive track record of excellence in real estate development, construction, remodeling, management, sales, insurance, and financial services.



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It’s not how a job

Our Values

For more than two decades, our motto at Finishes has been:

starts; it’s how it

This principle has held true for us from the very beginning. By treating people with respect, putting in dedicated effort, delivering top-notch services or products, and consistently striving for improvement, we have earned the trust and business of our valued clients.

Allow us the opportunity to serve you and demonstrate our commitment.


Put our team to work for you, and experience the quality and reliability that have garnered the trust of countless satisfied customers.


Chuck Cates

CEO of Finishes Solutions & All Fiber Optics

While it's not uncommon for young adults to possess strong core values, it is truly remarkable when they channel those values into establishing a successful company that assumes a leadership role within its industry.

This is precisely the story of Chuck Cates.

In 2001, at the age of just 24, Chuck leveraged his experience, knowledge, work ethic, and innovative thinking to establish a contracting company specializing in wall finishes. Choosing the name "Finishes" for his company was a stroke of brilliance. Not only did it succinctly describe the services provided, but it also encapsulated his guiding philosophy:

"It's not how it starts; it's how it finishes" - Chuck Cates

Chuck had a profound realization - clients may be enticed by promises and plans, but true satisfaction only comes when they receive an exceptional finished product. For Chuck, this understanding has been transformative.

Since then, Chuck has capitalized on his construction and real estate connections to expand well beyond specialty wall finishes, venturing into real estate development, construction, brokerage, financing, and insurance. From the outset, he recognized the interconnections between these industries and how strengthening those bonds could better serve clients.

Chuck also acknowledged that to deliver excellence, he needed to surround himself with excellence. He dedicated significant resources to recruiting highly qualified industry specialists, artisans, technicians, and planners. This approach not only cultivated a prosperous company but also fostered an impeccable reputation.

Delivering excellence has another remarkable outcome - it forges solid, long-lasting relationships, a core value upheld by Chuck during the growth of his thriving enterprise. Each satisfied client becomes a returning customer or an enthusiastic advocate, spreading the word about the elevated standards at Finishes. This organic word-of-mouth serves as the most effective form of advertising.

These foundational values of pursuing excellence and cultivating strong relationships have propelled Chuck to expand his endeavors beyond commercial ventures, venturing into the military and government sectors.

Under Chuck's leadership, Finishes Etc has achieved numerous successful projects across various sectors and states, each with its unique set of specifications. Their remarkable track record amounts to several million dollars in annual revenue, encompassing over 200 hospitality projects, more than 100 military assignments, countless retail buildouts, corporate buildings, office parks, high-end residential neighborhoods, inviting public spaces, and a diverse range of local and federal government structures.

Applying the same values of consistent product excellence and customer trust, Chuck astutely launched All Fiber Optics in 2017, foreseeing the growing demand for broadband connectivity in businesses and homes.

Chuck's exceptional ability to establish robust, trusting relationships with customers, manufacturers, and industry professionals has propelled him to remarkable heights.

The only lingering question is, where will his next venture take him?

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