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Finishes Development focuses on real estate assets in communities along the bustling U.S. 290 corridor linking Houston to Austin. Our preference is undeveloped land, where we specialize in creating best use scenarios with our innovative, integrated approach.

We welcome joint ventures and even have a special program named The Legacy Asset Partnership™ (TLAP™) for property owners who wish to hold a continued interest in a particular asset.


The Legacy Asset Partnership™ (TLAP™), is a smart joint venture for smart real estate investors. Simply put, if you have a property, we’ll work on it — to make it work for you. Whether we repurpose your land, or redevelop existing commercial space, as an asset owner you have equity participation, while we create cash flow and sweat all the technical details. All you do is sit back and watch your property’s value grow.


Ask us how you might benefit from this program.

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