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Building a Future Together

A unique combination of resources under one roof.

Dive into the benefits of one-stop-shopping
at Finishes Solutions.

Finishes Brokerage House for sale
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Finishes Brokerage Homes provides traditional residential real estate services to home buyers and sellers. As a client, you’ll receive full-service marketing and support, but at a discounted commission rate. Please ask for our People First Reduced Commission Program™ to get more details.

Commercial Property
Finishes Commercial logo


    We know the lay of the land. We have connections. We have resources. And we’ll put them all to work for you, whether you’re looking to lease 5,000 square feet or buy 500 acres.

    We have a wealth of experience owning and operating all sorts of property. So, we get it. You want it done quickly, with no fuss. Let’s sit down and chat. Before you know it, we’ll be putting the full extent of our knowledge and resources to work for you.

  • 1031 EXCHANGE
    Someone said handling a 1031 exchange was like shoeing a galloping horse. While it may be true for some, to us it’s second nature. We’ve handled countless 1031 exchanges, quickly and effectively. And no one’s gotten hurt in the process.

Finishes Insurance Agent
Finishes Insurance Logo

Finishes Insurance is an independent agency that specializes in cost-effective coverage for your business and home. As an independent agency, we can compare and evaluate various plans and their associated costs, which allows us to place your best interest as our primary motivation.


We’re located in Waller, Texas. We understand small-town values, such as giving personal service with a friendly smile. But we also have statewide resources to effectively write policies all over Texas, from El Paso to Beaumont, and from Corpus Christi to Amarillo. Talk about coverage.

Finishes Development Logo-01.png

Finishes Development focuses on real estate assets in communities along the bustling U.S. 290 corridor linking Houston to Austin. Our preference is undeveloped land, where we specialize in creating best use scenarios with our innovative, integrated approach.

We welcome joint ventures and even have a special program named The Legacy Asset Partnership™ (TLAP™) for property owners who wish to hold a continued interest in a particular asset.


The Legacy Asset Partnership™ (TLAP™), is a smart joint venture for smart real estate investors. Simply put, if you have a property, we’ll work on it — to make it work for you. Whether we repurpose your land, or redevelop existing commercial space, as an asset owner you have equity participation, while we create cash flow and sweat all the technical details. All you do is sit back and watch your property’s value grow.


Ask us how you might benefit from this program.

Construction Logo-01.png

Starting as a specialty product contractor two decades ago, Finishes ETC / Construction has provided a variety of services to owners and operators of commercial and federal properties around the country. Today, Finishes Construction offers full-service construction programs that include shell construction, full build outs, interior construction, specialty finishing, and MEP work.


All Fiber Optics has developed IT solutions for customers in several industries, continuously deepening our relevant knowledge to apply to your IT solutions design and deployment.

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